When you lie you lose a bit of yourself and replace it with a bit of everyone else

DIGITAL CAMERADetail 1 oil on linen 60″ by 72″
When you go to a funeral or someone famous dies it is the custom to lie about the dead person and his/her life to the extent its no longer possible to identify the body. Even after death we live a lie.


Detail 2 oil on linen 60″ by 72″

A woman reads from a prepared eulogy, the mourners listening to it are trying to make sense of it and assemble the dead body is like trying to put together an IKEA table but they are confused by the contradictions and implausibility of the life they were hearing . Above them a couple sit exasperated holding a hammer and IKEA directions to a table with pieces alien to them.

In the centre of the picture there is a marriage cake, both bride and groom have already taken pieces out of the cake and replaced the pieces with other bits of cheaper cake to hide their theft. The couple walk down the isle already missing pieces of themselves in an attempt to accommodate their partner. The bride’s leg is replaced by a bike wheel her arm is a crutch, the grooms head a rubbish bag. The bridal gown’s train catches bits of the couple as they walk and two groomsmen trail behind with wheelbarrows.


Detail 3 oil on linen 60″ by 72″

Some people lie so much that they become empty sacks    – scarecrows. While their loved ones hunt around with lie detectors to find the lost bits of them in an attempt to refill them back into life.DIGITAL CAMERA

Detail 4 oil on linen 60″ by 72″

A big public lie detector is used by many desperate people who dance around the lie detector with personal objects attached to it that they know they can rely on not to lie to them ; pet rabbit, pot plant, golf club…

A man with his pants down is thrown out of what looks like a public toilet, only to realize the cubicals are selling computers. Dogs are also fooled into thinking what looks like a park is a park-  it is really a plant shop. A pet shop is made to look  like a police station, market research is made to look like a school and a bed and furniture shop is made to look like a hospital. The beauty shop looks like a church with statues of Mary and Jesus replaced with six packed models.

Loose bits of people are clogging up the streets and garbage men use people’s outsides as bin bags to clean up the mess, they throw the body bags into the dump truck and take the bits of people to the bucket factory. At the bucket factory bits of people are melted into plastic and molded into empty plastic buckets so they can re-roam the streets waiting to be filled with lies and deceit.DIGITAL CAMERA

Detail 5 oil on linen 60″ by 72″


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