THE EMPTY SUIT. Antiques and collectables, the garage 112 West 25th. St

detail 1 oil on linen 66″ by 100″
On sundays they turn the bottom floor of a building at 112 west 25th. street, New York from a carpark into an antiques and collectables market. In the far right hand corner of the market two men in their 50’s have a stall. One of the men sits on a chair with his knees and ankles tightly together like a primary school photo, the man looks guilterly through a magazine full of womens underwear adds, on his balding  head he has a shiny cheap wig.
detail 2 oil on linen 66″ by 100″

The other man is thin and sickly and he wears a bright yellow raincoat and on his face he has white powder ,painted on lips and painted on eyebrows. This man is holding a walkie talkie – he couldn’t convince his partner to do the same.
detail 3 oil on linen 66″ by 100″

Rather than presenting thier antiques and collectables these two men look surrounded and held hostage by them. Deer head hunting tropies look down on them, to their left on a tressel table ;a machine gun, army boots and clothes and a set of boys plastic army men.

detail 4 oil on linen 66″ by 100″

To their right are racks of gun and –  hunting with gun – magazines as well as comics. The comics all star superhereo men punching up bad guys, bad ghosts, bad machines , bad animals and bad dreams….

detail 5 oil on linen 66″ by 100″

detail 6 oil on linen 66″ by 100″

As if by means of explanation for all this crude and confused male parphenalia there is hanging in isolation an empty suit. It is a 1960’s office suit with office shoes polished and laid out beneath it.
detail 7 oil on linen 66″ by 100″


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