Even dung beetles eventually realise that there will be plenty of dung where they finish rolling their dung……

The goldfields in the 1850’s were a magnet for everyone in the world who thought they were lucky. People on the goldfields preferred to put their lives in the hands of luck rather than in a plan they thought they could carry out. These people would tell you they’re lucky but really, they didn’t back their ability to succeed fairly.
The biggest problem on the goldfields was that everyone else on the goldfields thought they were lucky too, and like praying for sports results, they can’t all be rewarded. At the heart of every gambler is a question to god “will I be punished for who I am or will I be rewarded for who I am?” So, the miner’s were looking for more than gold. Because there were thousands of sperm against you and only your sperm fertilised the egg, people are born with an unconscious belief in their specialness – their luck. In the middle of the picture there is a racecourse and gamblers bet on a race between babies (pink sperm) rolling big balls of unfertilised (white) sperm along a track all broken up by the constant digging of the earth.
At night, the earth of the womanless goldfields is saturated by the miners unfertilised sperm and at night the miners are terrorised by their dreams of white – unfertilised sperm re-evaporating from the dug-up earth and chasing the miners back into their luckless tunnels. Above the race track a mind reader (the most popular entertainment on the gold fields) performs. The idea that someone can read their minds was proof to the goldminers of their specialness and confirmed an infantile megalomania that convinces gamblers that their luck is greater than anyone else’s.
Above this scene happy fat sheep are being taken care of not by a Sheppard but by a butcher, they’re unable to notice the knives that hang above them.
Prostitutes had a dual role on the goldfields. They were the creators of un-special white sperm, a constant affirmation of the miner’s special pink – fertilised – sperm status. Prostitutes also contribute to the atmosphere of latent rebellion amongst the miners on the goldfields. Goldminers pursue financial success against logic and social class and without intelligence and morality, while prostitutes reward men with sex who are without logic, social class, intelligence and morality.. Winning gamblers corrupt the financial system – prostitutes the social system.
The rebellion against common sense extends into the distance where the miners are tearing down the racecourse grand stand to use the wood to make the racecourse longer. then taking the wood from the only hospital to make a new casino.
The casino is being built on stilts in the river which is steadier foundation than the ground which has been dug up and re-dug up by the miners who keep rolling their dug up dirt into bigger and bigger balls of earth. They are too scare to look into their balls of earth they are forever accumulating for fear of finding no gold in their work, no gold in their mine, no gold in their mother’s womb.


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