The Massacre at Young before it was called Young 1861

The flag cape was established as an Australia icon at the Massacre at Lambing Flat. Our tradition of decorating our most primitive and crude impulses as political action was established there.

The white miners had come from Europe as proven failures at home, they had believed the unverifiable lies of easy gold in Australia and most importantly hung on to the childish myth of their own luck despite the mass of evidence against it.

The gold rush attracted to Australia every half- wit in the world with a belief that they were owed more from the world than they had. The goldminers had invested too heavily that Australia would be their lucky country. Luck being a euphemism for “god loves me more than the next person “. Australian’s fear that they are not lucky and that foreigners would come from overseas to prove it, started at Lambing flat.

Australian’s did not believe – that some of the poorest mothers in the world with only their children as objects of value would sail on broken down boats across oceans to an hour from the Australian coast. so that they could drown their children – for political reasons. The Australian’s who chased Lebanese teenagers from the Cronulla beach tuck shop did not do it for political reasons and the miners who killed and chased the Chinese miners of lambing flat did it because of the completely fragile hope that their specialness/luck existed and that it depended on it not being shared/halved/divided.


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