From the air we all felt sorry for the sick and starving

From the air we all felt sorry for the sick and starving by Cameron Hayes. 1997, oil on linen, 51 x 87 inches.

This is about a planeload of white people who were flying from Australia to Europe for their holidays. On the way to Europe, the plane flies over Africa, and everyone looking out of the windows of the plane felt sorry for the starving people, and wished they could help.

But then all of a sudden the plane crash-lands in the middle of the African desert amongst all of the starving Africans.

The people from the plane realize they have only a limited food supply on the plane and therefore realize they don’t want to share the plane’s food with the Africans.

So the Whites have to find ways not to feel bad or hypocritical about not sharing their food with the Africans.

While most of the Whites just refused to leave the plane, other Whites tried to frame the Africans as wasteful, litterbugs or having voluntary eating disorders. Soon the Whites start accusing other Whites of being racists or of exploiting the Africans so they look better in comparison.

When the Whites realize that it’s easier to feel good about yourself by accusing other people of being bad rather than actually doing good acts, then everyone starts accusing everyone else.



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